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04 April 2014

Upside down? And back the front?

We are at the airport almost about to depart. Melbourne Airport to be precise. I'm not used to departing from here. I usually always arrive here. I feel a little upside down and back the front. The kids are with me of course. We've had dinner. The sushi was obscenely expensive. And we're waiting to board. Maxie is probably waiting to board too. Yes....  The Bad Ass is about to become airborne. 

He met my sister's Burmese cat Basil today. At the end of that encounter we were all shaking slightly  and saying "that went well!"  Actually  THEY HAD A MASSIVE 100% spas attack

That's Heath writing there, by the way. Adding his own impression to the wild eyed Bad Assed incident where both cats turned wickedly savage.  That's Heath's recollection anyway. 

We won't land until late. And I have to be up early for the races. My ace friend Natasha is on a flight coming from Brisbane which arrives at the same time as us. She's staying with us. We are very excited. 

I rode The Big Horse this morning. We was a toad yesterday. Truly difficult. Serves me right for giving him a day off on Wednesday so that I could have a nice time and enjoy myself. He was much better today.  I felt a bit conflicted about it all. Striking the right balance is hard. 

We are boarding so I must away. 

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