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26 April 2014

Setting the alarm

No.  My alarm is NOT set for Stupid O'Clock, as my post title might suggest.  It's only set for 6am.  Tomorrow is Heath's first AFL game.  It's actually Round 2 because we missed Round 1 due to my work commitments in Sydney.  In a cruel twist of fate his first game is early.  Ouch...  9am kickoff.  Meaning I have to find the football ground somewhere in Mt Martha, where I've not yet ventured, by 8.15am.  

I've been reminded that his shirt is not a shirt.  It's a guernsey or a jumper.  That I don't say 'great catch!!!!' - I have to say 'great mark'...  I'm trying, honestly I am..  Heath and I watched a little bit of an AFL game on TV yesterday.  Alas and woe I missed the end of the Carlton game, because I happen to like Carlton.  I always did.  I noticed my mate Gatty was silent about them, whereas normally he unleashes terrible tirades about them.  He is of course an evil Collingwood supporter.  Heath likes Hawthorne.  He's got their colours for his training gear and he's quite pleased with them.

Today I managed to get onto some Netball for Jessica.  That will start next week.  We're trying to get her into a team and at least we can get her started with some skills training as well.  Heath will also start Auskick.  My afternoons are looking busy.  

My agistment forms for my darling Freelance have arrived and I need to sign them and email them back.  I also need to work out which day the truck will be able to collect her. I found myself missing her more and more over the last couple of days.  I will have to sort through her rugs and get all of her things organised.

Yesterday was a trip to Hanging Rock.  That was ace.  All the family was there.  It was great.  Kids loved it.  I loved it.  And today I did some groceries while the kids went over to their friends' house.  It is nice that they are being invited to playdates.

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