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08 April 2014

Back at Nikon

Do you ever feel as though everything around you has suddenly started to go wrong?  

On Saturday I managed to break the Compact Flash Card slot in my precious D4. The truly lovely Jeremy had it repaired for me, in a rush, and had it back to me that evening. 

I didn't play with it last night. I just patted it affectionately and put it back in my camera bag. 

This morning Natasha and I set our alarms for Stupid O'Clock. I put my trusty 300mm on my D4 and into the stables we headed. However when I went to take a shot a dreaded ERR message flashed up. "Danger Will Robinson. Danger". I hate errors messages.  They are not at ALL ace. They are crap. I took all the cards out. No difference. So lacking any alternatives I put the cards into my pocket and reached (muttering certain four letter words) for my D3s. 

We always knew that this morning would be more of less about getting a look at the place and seeing what the horse does. The images aren't great. We were in all the wrong spots. However we know exactly where we need to be now and will do it properly next time. 

While we were still at the Farm I texted Jeremy crying "please help me". As a result we are now sitting in the waiting room at Nikon in Rhodes. My third trip here in 24 hours. They are trying to find out what the issue is. Bent pin thingy?  But not resolving like it should. The 20 minute fix just dragged out to at least a few hours. And the yearling sales commence in an hour. The upside is that they checked my 300mm lens and that looks ok. They tightened up it up too. 

Remember me saying I put the cards in my pocket?????  Do you think I can find the QXD card???  It's expensive. And losing it means I am well and truly down on memory cards. I'd put an order in with  Adorama last night but it is unlikely to arrive in time. Like I said, today has quickly turned to poo...  

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