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11 April 2014

Double Dutch

I've spent approximately 4 hour today trying to get my Nikon D4 camera to operate wirelessly with the help of a borrowed WT-5 transmitter thingy that Nikon Professional Services have so generously loaned me.  The only problem is that I cannot get it to work.  This has lead to my language deteriorating exponentially as my frustration level goes steadily skywards..   Not only could I not work out how to delete characters on the camera if I did a typo, I can't figure out how to pair the camera with the computer.  

After much searching I finally worked out I needed to download a Nikon Wireless Transmitter Utility.  I managed to do this without too many expletives being uttered before realising that I apparently need (1) an ethernet cable and (2) an Apple Ethernet to Thunderbolt adapter thingy to make this work. My mum probably has an ethernet cable somewhere here.  And I own an ethernet to thunderbolt adapter.  Of course I have absolutely NO idea where this little sucker is...  And it sure as hell isn't here in Sydney with me. 

On the plus side Tash and I had dinner with friends from Melbourne tonight.  Bruno and Vinnie are here for the races at Randwick and they travelled across from Coogee to Rozelle to have dinner with us tonight.  We didn't' know Vinnie was here.  It was a lot of fun.  It is probably about time that I admit defeat and go to bed.  I have at least charged my camera batteries up.  I am still short on cards and the extras I ordered have failed utterly to turn up.  On a sad note my aunt Manda died today.  I hadn't seen her for years.  The last contact I had with her was when we were writing to each other after my son Heath was diagnosed with diabetes.  She's been ill for years and she lived a little while away so we didn't ever make the trip we had intended to do.  It's one of life's real cruelties I guess.

So it is now 11.26pm, I have a sore tummy and a headache and the miseries, my computer will not speak to my camera, my camera steadfastly refuses to send images wirelessly,  have a huge day in front of me tomorrow, and not even the fact that I have bought the most gorgeous of white dresses and a truly cute and funky red hat can make me feel better about things tonight.  The shop which is very close to my Mum's house has gorgeous dresses for bugger all money.  They had a size 6 and a size 8 in this dress.  Size 6 is a bit of a nonsense (although I admit I did get that thin when my weight fell off dramatically about 18 months ago) but the size 8 fits me like a glove.  The hat is gorgeous.  Will I wear them tomorrow?  I'm not sure.....  They are very pretty though and hopefully I'll have cause to wear them somewhere nice very soon.

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