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07 April 2014

The Emerald City

I feel like I haven't stopped running today.  Right up until now, at 10.30pm at night.  This morning I had to dash out to Nikon to get my striken but still beautiful D4 looked at.  The bad news seemed double fold.  Compact Flash slot in my camera was indeed shagged.  The cause?  A damaged or dirty card Jeremy thought?  And pushing the card in bent and shagged the pin.  Sigh..  Was it covered by warranty?????  No, it wasn't.  To add insult to injury my expensive CF Card was also condemned, with Jeremy advising that under no circumstance should I ever use that card again.  I hung my head in despair.  Jeremy, who has taken over from Robert at NPS, managed to get the camera fixed during the day which was great but I didn't have it for the photoshoot today which was the launch of the Championships Trophy.  Another headache.

My spirits lifted dramatically however on the drive back to my Mum's house.  A phone call to Vicky at Arrowfield confirmed that I will be flying up to the farm for a day's shoot next week.  That's excellent.  But I'm sure I will have my eyes closed the whole way!  It will be lovely to see my boys though.  I also phoned Emily, who's lovely and as a result I've arranged for us to go behind the scenes this week with my lovely boy Chappy (It's a Dundeel) starting tomorrow.  After this I then phoned the lovely Jeremy back to ask if I could pick up my D4 this evening instead of tomorrow morning. To my immense delight and relief he told me yes that was fine AND that he would repair the camera under warranty.  Oh bless him, he was suddenly my favourite person in the whole world.

So I danced home and then Tash and I got dressed and got our gear organised and jumped on a bus into the City to photograph the launch of the Championships Trophy for Racing NSW.  Dorothy, eat your heart out. The Emerald Horse is truly an object to die for.  We got to hold it.  We also met Anna Bligh, former Premier of Queensland.  And that was pretty ace.  We complained to each other loudly that our bags were heavy and that we were tired as we struggled home.  I then jumped into Mum's car and headed straight out to Nikon to pick up my newly repaired D4.  While I was there Jeremy showed me the new D4s.  I held it in my hands.  I'm sure hunger appeared across my face.  "Towny"'s been giving it pretty good reviews.  Jeremy is going to try to see if a trial is possible. Goodness I'd love to give it a run......  The funny thing was that Tash and I had looked enviously at the outfits and the jewellery the other women were wearing at the Trophy Launch.  We said to each other that surely we would look lovely dressed in the same beautiful clothes that they were wearing and said how lovely it would be to be able to afford clothes like this.  Or to get jewellery like some of the women were wearing that Nic Cerrone who made the Emerald Horse had made.  We laughed and said 'in our dreams....'  However the moment that camera was in my hand the thoughts of expensive clothes suddenly evaporated from my mind.  A girl can dream though can't she????

Tash and I have just set our alarms for 4.50am...  Are we Following the Yellow Brick Road???  Yes, we are.... We thought we made a pretty ace team both on Saturday and again today. 

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