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27 April 2014

More card dramas??? Surely not????

I've just spent 3 hours trying to download one card.  And it's still going.  I've given up a couple of times, and done a restart.  The computer seems to be running fine apart from in Photoshop.  The images are coming off the card but it is slow as a wet week.  So my plan of taking the U13 boys a few prints down after their game (in which they received a hiding in) has gone up in smoke.  My hard drive is new and nowhere near full.  These are brand new memory cards (on loan, so please god don't let there be anything wrong with them!!!!!) and I want to pull all my hair out and it's making my head hurt!!!!!

Perhaps the frustration is not completely wasted, because it made me begin to tidy up my desk, however I feel dead cross about it all at the moment! Below is a few of the images that aren't still being held hostage on the card.  I tentatively asked at one of the breaks whether they were playing a really good team, hoping the answer would be yes.  Apparently the team that won by over 100 points is very good and won the flag last year.  

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