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21 April 2014

Dun and Dusted

I sit this evening in a reflective mood.  We staggered in the door last night tired.  I was exhausted, but slept very badly.  As a result we were all slow to move this morning.  In all honesty I should have gotten to Caulfield for Race 2 today but due to our late arrival back home I felt it wasn't feasible.  I'd also promised Heath he could go shopping at KMart today, after making him wait patiently until we arrived home because the item he'd chosen was too big to carry on the plane, what with our many bags and the kitty.

Today the news that I had been expecting was announced.  It's a Dundeel has been retired to stud and will commence stallion duties at the famed Arrowfield Stud in September 2014.  He will revert to his original registered name Dundeel (NZ) when he joins the roster at Arrowfield.  I quite like this change.  

I've spent a great deal of time behind the scenes with this feisty bay stallion over the past 8 months and I've enjoyed every second of it.  He's not cuddly like The Famous Pony was.  He's very 'coltish' and is impatient.  He also tends to nip when he gets the chance and can be prone to hi jinx and he can be very full of himself and at times he swells with attitude.  I think he's going to let down into the most fantastic looking stallion and believe that the images we'll capture of him over the coming months and years will be truly exceptional.  

In a sign of my determination to leave the past behind me I changed my desk top pictures from the ones I've stuck with loyally for the past 12 months.  Sometimes loyalty gets you somewhere, but sometimes it's important to realise we have to move on.  As such Dundeel now graces the screens of my computers and my Facebook and Twitter Pages. 

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  1. The diminutive but dynamic, Dundeel. High Chaparral throws some handsome types and Dundeel is no exception. I've been following Dundeel since his Triple Crown. It's been an emotional roller coaster dealing with the highs and lows during his career. The potential for greatness was always there lurking beneath the surface ready to be revealed, and we finally saw it in the QE. Dropping back in distance and sitting on the speed he showed everyone what they had been waiting to see for so long. I let out a triumphant and relieved “YES!” when he won. It was such a sweet victory. It's a shame he has been retired but that is the nature of racing a potential sire prospect.

    Thanks for continuing to share your stories and photos, Bronwen. I’m happy for you, Jessica and Heath creating a new home in Melbourne, and also happy that Freelance is coming soon to join you all. What an occasion that will be when you are both reunited.

    All the very best.