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23 April 2014

Calling the lovely mare home.....

I spent today running errands and making phone calls.  Important phone calls on a number of subjects.  There were 3 phone calls on a subject which is important to me, and alas they came up with zero results. 

What was I calling about?  A home for Freelance of course.  I had driven past a place a couple of months ago, shortly after we arrived, when I was taking Heath to his first AFL training session early on in our time living in our new home.  There was a sign saying "Balcrest Lodge" with a phone number saying agistment was available.  Location wise it was the clear winner, being on Balnarring Beach Road.  I took down the phone number and name of the place in a note in my phone, at the time thinking a little dejectedly "I bet they are full", and then promptly did nothing further about it.  

This afternoon however I finally made that phone call.  I'm so glad that I did.   Freelance is coming home. To stay...  She's going to live at Balcrest Lodge.  There's an arena there which has lights and a nice surface, and her paddock will have the scope to eventually house a pony for Jessica as well. 

I'm still waiting on the agistment agreement forms, which I hope will arrive shortly.  Then it is a call to the horse transport company.  I have 2-3 weeks to buy feed bins and feed, and to get all her things organised.  After which I'm sure I will be bouncing up and down in excitement waiting for her to alight from the float, when I'm sure I will wrap my arms around her as I welcome her home to us. 

I will probably cry when she arrives.  I miss her so much........  She makes any bad day feel much better.  Because on those tricky days, when all my best friends are unavailable for consultation, my lovely mare has always been there to make it better.

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