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22 April 2014

Missing Freelance

I decided this evening that I miss my mare Freelance terribly. I have been distracted by the many things to be done in getting the kids settled in and all their transitions done. I've also been very busy working during this process that is getting us settled. Establishing new lives isn't always easy and it is time consuming. Having Arche to ride probably lessened the urgency I'd felt to get Freelance down to the Peninsula to be with us. But Arche, beautiful though he is, is NOT my horse and I understand very clearly that he will never belong to me. 

So this evening my determination to find somewhere lovely for Freelance to live suddenly multiplied rapidly.  There's been 2 or 3 things happen in the past 36 hours that I've found a little tricky to deal with. I miss my mare under these circumstances. The option of whether she could go back into work flutters through my mind. I don't know how well her legs will go. We had a few niggly issues a few years ago and she's not getting any younger. But she's the only horse I own, and because of this I might have to see if there is one last hurrah left in the brown Holsteiner dressage mare who I love so much.  

In other dreary news I finally found enough courage to face opening some of the scary envelopes that my neighbour dropped off this afternoon. I wish I hadn't.....  It was very bad indeed.....  And in a final little bit of trivia I read a Blog post about experienced photographers.  It reminded me of what one of the staffers said at one of the awards given to my Dad once.  She said that if she could manage to remember even half of what he forgot she'd consider that she'd done very well.  There is much to be said about experience.  Is it any wonder that there are some people in life you marvel at a little bit and think 'goodness!!' 

Freelance.  I miss her.

Fenella, who is currently minding Freelance, riding her Black Horse Pirate.

Arche.  Lyn's horse.
Here'a a little bit of trivia.  I discovered that this lovely little 2012 filly finally has a name.  She's called "Frothed" and is by Lonhro out of Latte.

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