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06 April 2014

Hot and Cold

Emotions, being what they are, are naturally prone to running hot and cold. This can be hard to take at times. The past week seems full of fluctuating emotions. Here is a brief look at what the past few days have delivered me. I have to thank the truly wonderful Qantas staff for looking after me, my kids, our kitty and all of our things on Friday night. Which extended to safely putting aside my precious (and fairly new) laptop computer after we left it on the plane. Colin Bull collected it on Slipper morning after he landed. Natasha made me feel less like a complete idiot by saying I did have a fair bit to cope with during our trip. Hopefully I won't do it again in a hurry though. 

My D4's compact flash card slot appears to have broken which was a real headache. The wifi WT-5 transmitter made my head hurt and proved way out of my league to set up on Slipper morning. And HighTail kept falling over. Slipper Day was indeed blue. Nathan Berry's widow Whitney, who lost the love of her life and soulmate last week said that she felt broken and numb. She was incredibly brave. Such loss is excruciating.  Heartbreak.....  There is NOTHING to recommend it. 

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