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01 February 2014

Tramming It...

We're on a Tram. On a warm evening. On the 1st day of February. We left my aunt and uncle's party and are on our way to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. I'd hardly ventured into that part of the City before the last 2 years. It's a really lovely spot. 

St George's Road seems to run forever. Trams make my mind wander a little. Maybe it's because I'm not used to not driving. Or because its such a uniquely Melbourne experience.  

Our family were all excited to welcome us to our very first family get together as a Victorian family. My lovely Aunt has just finished moving too. They have given up the lovely apartment in Carlton we house minded for them 2 years ago and are now permanently by the beach. Like us!  We loved their apartment and in some ways I'm sorry that its gone. It was from there that my real love affair with The Famous Pony started.  

I put our new health care card, etc, in my wallet. They are now issued in Victoria.  Next week I will change my driver's licence and car registration to Victoria too. We pass Edinburgh Gardens and I look up and smile.   We are a Melbourne Family at long last. 

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