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05 February 2014

Stephen Fry on Grammar Nazis...

 I'm feeling good today because I've worked a horse this morning.  On my return home I came across this little video from Stephen Fry.  It was posted on Facebook by one of my 'friends'.  I use Facebook far less frequently these days and I still don't have it on any of my mobile devices.  I use the term 'friend' loosely when it comes to Facebook because of course I don't blindly assume all my Facebook friends are actual and real friends.  Any more than I blindly assume people I was sure were trusted and true friends actually cared a hoot about me..  Because it's possible to be very wrong about this too.
If you can though, take the time to listen and read this though Fry's little piece because it's great.  I try hard with grammar, mostly now because my kids are at school and I have to help them with their homework and I try not to appear dim.  However I've forgotten a lot of the formal grammar lessons and I was probably never truly great at it anyway.  My mum (and uncle who is a TRUE grammar nazi) from time to time remind and/or correct me when I bugger it up.  This can be pretty frequently I have to say.  I still have to think about the difference between a verb and a noun, just as I have to think hard about which is my left and which is my right.  I still make spelling mistakes and I still put the wrong word in on occasions, just as I still throw in the odd feral apostrophe.  I hope I rarely get "their, there and they're" wrong, which is more than I can say for some people though.  

Still, if you listen to it to purely for the pleasure of hearing Stephen Fry's beautiful and melodic sounding voice, I think it's worth it and it's 6 minutes of fun.  I think he's fabulous.....  Enjoy....

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