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01 February 2014

No Races Today....

I'm not going to the races today at Caulfield.  The races will still be there next week.  This week has had to be all about getting the kids and myself settled.  There's also a family birthday party at my uncle and aunt's house this afternoon.  We can't stay for the whole party because 4 months ago I bought 3 tickets to the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular held by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.  The Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, is Master of Ceremonies (Peter Davison - the 5th Doctor - flies into Melbourne - Herald Sun).  It's a real shame it's on the same evening as Paul and Bron's party but we're pretty excited about it.  It will be too much for Jessica and so she's staying with my sister, and my nephew will come along with Heath and I.

The hot weather has returned.  That makes me feel gloomy because our house is heating up again gradually. 

This is the saucepan I burnt so successfully.  My sister made it look like new when she stayed here.
New kitchen.  Did I burn the chicken using the gas for the first time???  No!  I didn't..  Hurrah....

Bas Ass little thief.....

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