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28 February 2014


I recently tried watching a little bit of Gone With The Wind.  It's always problematic what I put on at night.  I always have trouble getting Heath to sleep and to STAY-IN-BED and if he hears something that is vaguely interesting to him, up he pops like a rat up a drainpipe...  I put Gone With The Wind on, which I always liked, and of course when the Civil War scenes came on (I might mention that this is all AFTER 10pm!!!!) out he comes...  And so I switch it off again.  I liked Scarlett though.  She was this tough, beautiful, determined and feisty woman.  Ok, so she had terrible taste in men..  I guess we can all be a little guilty of that can't we though?  I didn't ever understand how she was so besotted with the drip that was Ashley Wilkes when she had the horse riding and ever so slightly Bad-Ass Rhett Butler courting her.  And he was actually in love with her too, because he loved her spirit.  I always thought that this was one of the great lines in the movie, when Rhett said to Scarlett:
"I feel sorry for you....  because you're throwing away happiness with both hands and reaching out for something that'll never make you happy".
This morning I logged onto Facebook briefly.  There are times when I think it can feel like hard work.  I am tired of riddles and of trying to work some people out. I realise that the "bleedin' obvious" (to quote Basil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers) is probably staring me in the face.  It still seems hard to believe though.  Perhaps it's just as  hard for them?  So I try to keep my spirits up and not let it get me down.  It's really hard though when it was something I believed in with all my heart.  In the meantime, I'm almost off for my dressage lesson this morning.  And that will be a thoroughly good thing for me....


After doing my regular Friday house keeping, I headed out to Lyn's. My lesson went really well. I learnt a few more things about Archie today. Lyn had her lesson first. I photographed some of it but then had to get Archie saddled. Lyn took some photos of me. Lyn us a great painter. She's not much of a photographer!  As a result there's hardly anything nice of me. In what ahe did take, as expected, I scowled crossly and reminded myself sharply to carry my hands better and to not drop my wrists. No wonder when I get it right he suddenly travels better!!  Di managed to help me get the left canter. She agreed he is much trickier on the left rein. It's not just me being hopeless and uncoordinated. 

We checked our PO Box after school.  Heath's waiting desperately for his new Sonic Screwdriver. We thought it had arrived today with a parcel notice. He lined up while I went to the supermarket. He joined me there and his face crumpled. It wasn't his Other Doctor treasure. It was an insulin pen. He burst into tears and I hugged him close. Like I said, there's been some tough aspects to today.

We return to the beach for AFL training. I still hardly know any of the parents. It makes me take a deep breath and wish I had a camera to hide behind.  I watched Heath running at school in the usual "Ready, Set, Go". The other boys are faster than him. I hope he doesn't get swallowed up. 

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  1. Itakes time, and many efforts, both big and small, to settle into a new social environment. Little by little does it. And patience and perseverance, and keeping calm.