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14 February 2014

Holding on Tight

I'm struggling to watch the news right now with the tragedy in Tyabb, which is so close to us, still so raw and fresh in everyone's mind.  In addition to this I also had a rough night with Jessica last night and because she was unwell I kept her home today with me.  I seem to be wanting to hug my children close at the moment.  Some of the children at school knew Luke Batty.  His mother's agony must be unendurable. 

For these reasons I am glad to have the autumn carnival upon me and my little behind the scenes projects to work on, not to mention working the very beautiful Archie who goes better every time I get on him. Horses always seem to make things feel better.  I was supposed to dash into Melbourne again today, but Jessica being unwell meant that this wasn't possible.  I don't get a lot of enjoyment from of a media call type of photoshoot though, they tend to be restrictive and staged, so I wasn't all that fussed about missing it, and it was too important to get into the doctor.  I will hopefully be able to reschedule at some stage soon.

I got to hold and fuss over Fiorente.  He's lovely.  And I had a cuddle with Rubick too who has also got a terrific nature and temperament.  Archie's canter was much better today.  He's coming on in leaps and bounds.  It's fun having a horse to work on again.  I feel the natural urge I always had stir again, and want to pick up the phone and rattle on about him.... 

Rubick (Encosta de Lago - Sliding Cube)

Snitzerland (Snitzel - Monte Rosa)

Heartbreak...  the loveheart horse Lankan Rupee..  I didn't feel that this Valentine's Day was so great....

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