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27 February 2014

All You Need is Love.....

Maybe I should stop watching Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail", and stop watching romantic films altogether....    I'm not sure they do me much good!

"A snap to find the one single person in the world who fills your heart with joy"  
"Dream, when you're feeling blue.   Dream, that's the thing to do....  Just...  watch the smoke rings rise in the air...  You'll find your share...  of memories there, so....  Dream, when the day is through..   Dream, and they might come true...  Things are never as bad as they seem, so, dream, dream, dream....." 
My day has been filled with horses today before picking the kids up from school.  That's not such a bad day.  I rode Archie this morning, and I hopped on Lyn's other horse Boz as well.  He's a little bit more established than Archie is, and it made me long for Freelance just a little bit.  Archie is coming along beautifully, but he's not well established yet and it's a lovely feeling being back on a warmblood.  I sighed slightly and thought I must get organised to get my beautiful brown mare down with us.

After I worked Archie I traveled to Caulfield, to Mick Price's stables to be exact, where I had a little fiddle with The Love Horse, as I call him, Lankan Rupee.  As always I have a little cuddle with each horse I photograph.  I can't help myself.  And as I worked with him I found myself feeling sad about the decision to geld him (which has made him as a racehorse) because goodness I'd have had fun with this fellow.  I like to think he's have ended up at Arrowfield had he stayed a stallion, and that as such, he'd have become one of 'My Boys'.  I will have to console myself with fiddling about with him during his racing days and then perhaps trying to convince Mick that he would make me a very nice dressage horse at the end of his racing days.

Jessica had another playdate this afternoon.  They have this gorgeous house on 4 acres..  I find myself wondering how can we possibly compete with some of these beautiful houses.  I will be able (I hope) to buy a house, but it's just me on my own which makes it harder.  I found myself stupidly worrying about whether we will come up to scratch, and had to force myself to take a big breath.   

When we got home, after dinner I had a little flick through the images from the photoshoot this afternoon.  This time it was Jessica's turn to come and look at the images of the bright bay horse on my big screen..  She stared for a moment, then asked haltingly "mummy, that's not a real love heart is it?"  To which I say gently that it is a real one, and not a drawn on one.  Then I said to her "who do you think his Daddy is???"  She held her breath, giggled, and then asked "Doutsey?????"  - that's code for Redoute's Choice.  I hugged her and said yes, that's right......

"Love...  Love...  Love.....  All you need is love...."
Lankan Rupee (Redoute's Choice - Estelle Collection)

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  1. My goodness, that heart is so perfect, Bronwen. I've seen it in some other photos you've done of him but these show it so clearly! He looks like a fun-loving, carefree young 'man'. Tom and I have a senior white and black cat and Bella has a love heart on her side. It's nowhere near as clearly defined though.