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08 February 2014


Today was supposed to be hot. Perhaps not quite the stinker we are expecting tomorrow but hot. It appeared early this morning the forecast was correct as the temperature climbed steadily. 

I didn't get out to ride Archie until after 10am because there was a Welcome Breakfast at school for new parents. When I left school and arrived at Lyn's it was warm. Undeterred I headed across to the stables and saddled him up. There was a slight breeze that stopped it feeling too hot. Archie still was prone to silliness for the first 15 mins but after this he settled down and just worked beautifully. Best he's ever gone. Rhythm and a nice contact in a lovely swinging trot. I'm growing fond of him. A photo of me riding him would be so nice. I guess that's not terribly likely though. 

When I drove back home I put my hand out the window. It felt cool!  A southerly breeze had picked up which dropped temperatures by a good 5 degrees. My house was surprisingly cool and I opted it up to allow the breeze. 

It was cool by the beach for football training (yes! Training was held on the beach!!!). Heathm's coach Darren, and assistant (?) David were so nice to us. Goodness it is a nice community. Heath walked out without his test kit. He's such a forgetful boy. I phoned in desperation looking for it. They had found it. In what other community would they drop it off to you???  Like I said, we feel very happy down here. 

By the mend of the day I feel we have well and truly dodged a bullet. Tomorrow is still forecast to be hot but the fact it didn't get got today means the house is feeling nice and i hope it will survive tomorrow a little better as a result. The Bureau have also revised the forecast for  the Peninsula to be slightly less vile and evil....

Alas Melbourne is still forecast to be evil tomorrow. I'm not looks forward to it. Caulfield in February when it's this hot just isn't much fun. There's actually a real chance the meeting will be halted too. 

However, in typical fashion, I keep hoping they are wrong about tomorrow and that  the wind will not swing around sinisterly and blow from the north. But then again....  I am a sucker for living in hope. Lovely, Irrepressible Hope....  

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