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06 February 2014

Inside Leg

I've just dropped the kids at school. They are getting ready so beautifully and walk into their beautiful new school so happily. 

I'm heading off to work Archie. As I expected, after riding so sporadically for so many  months, I am a bit sore. My new boots are still stiff and I'm still wearing them in. So they hurt in a couple of places too. There's only one way to fix that. And that's on the back of a horse. 

Archie worked well yesterday. We did transitions and I worked on getting him forward to my leg. Flex Archie. Flex...  Accept the inside leg. To forward darling. 

We are working on the small things at the moment. This is the approach I'm using on our whole life right now. Fixing the small but ever so fundamental things in our lives.  If the base is rotten it all collapses and eventually ends in tears. No matter how hard you try. Horses are like people. If there's a connection it can work. Once that connection is gone though you're just marking time. 

Perhaps the changes I realised I had to make recently in order for things to get better are a bit like that all important Inside Leg.  Inside Leg, into a guiding and soft, but always firm, Outside Hand..... 

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