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21 February 2014

A Blue Diamond? And Burning Chocolate.....

Tomorrow sees the running of the Blue Diamond Stakes at Caulfield Racecourse.  I've always liked the day....  As a general rule you can expect to see some of the best WFA horses running, both middle distances and sprinter-milers, not to mention great sprinters and of course those precocious 2 year olds.  The company has always been nice too.

I was suffering from a sore tummy this morning.  My mood was not helped by the fact that my microwave still smelt of burnt chocolate....  I see you shaking your head in dismay, saying to yourself 'you burned what??????'...  I discovered the hard way that normal eating chocolate doesn't melt well.  I blame the 8 year old daughter.  She picked it out, to put melt to put on the strawberries for dessert...  Not me....  It started to burn on the gentle heat of the gas cooktop, so I switched it to the microwave on the melt setting..  Only to see it come out actually smoking with real smoke pouring out of the offending microwave.  I'm sure the house still smells a little bit of it...  Cooking chocolate, do I hear you shout?  Crossly, or affectionately??  Possibly the former..  Who knew....  What can I say?  It's a special gift......

My mood picked up when I arrived to see Archie after school drop off.  I'm sure a small part of my miseries was not seeing him the day before.  As I've said many times before horses help me through things more than a little bit.  I'm sure you're dying to catch up on how he's going.  I worked him in the rain this morning.  The rain stopped long enough while I was saddling, with the sun coming out to help sneakily lull me foolishly into taking my raincoat off.  Of course 3.5 minutes after I got on him the rain swept back across and fell in earnest, leaving me and the horse soaking wet.  Archie wanted to be slightly hysterical about getting wet, particularly when I his face started going into the rain.  However my lovely bright bay and I cannot afford to be pansies about the weather......  He eventually settled down and worked properly, but he didn't like it!!!!

A Tale of Two Diamonds....  Sepoy..  Clinical in 2011.
A Tale of Two Diamonds?  "Barbie" - Miracles of Life dispels the gloom in 2013.

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