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04 February 2014

In The Big City

We're at the Children's Hospital. Having a little time in the playground and watching the Meerkats. We still can't believe they have Meerkats...  Or an aquarium.  I am gradually getting my head around how things work at the Children's and the various referrals I need to organise. Mostly the appointments are all made and in a few weeks we will be well and truly under control but at present it still feels like I have mountains of things to organise.

I have to say that this is the most amazing hospital. The staff are just ace. The clinics are on time and don't involve lots of tedious waiting around.  With our appointment over, we've come out to a playground that forms part of the hospital grounds. It's a good playground!  They don't make hospitals like this in Canberra. Heath and I share a New York Cheesecake. It's really very good.  Heath still looks knowingly at me and tells me my sister's cheesecake tastes better. I nod to him in agreement. He says "she IS a Baking Queen, isn't she Mum?"  That's an absolute yes. 

Marg and Kendall arrived this morning to meet Maxie and see our house. They think the little Bad Ass is gorgeous and that our house is excellent. They visited on a nice cool day. It's lovely in the cooler weather. Its harder to handle during the stinkers though. 

After a cup of tea Marg, Kendall, Lyn, Deb, Annemieka and I went to have lunch. Marg is visiting to get her knee checked and she's staying overnight with Kendall. So we had a "welcome to Melbourne" lunch.  Marg and Kendall gave me a Black Caviar bottle of wine. Annemieka gave us a gorgeous scented candle.  When we leave the Children's we will be having dinner with Kendall and Marg so that the kids can see them both too.  

This morning, after suddenly feeling down about a thing or two, I realised I need to be on a horse again. So after school drop off tomorrow morning I'm driving straight to Lyn's place to work Archie. Lyn smiled at me with delight this morning when I told her. She said Neil had said last night "she won't have time to ride much, she'll be too busy with the kids, don't get your heart set on it". 

But I WILL ride horses. And I WILL find time for it.... No more paddling. It is Full Steam Ahead for me from now on. 

Archie...  Seeing him tomorrow.

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