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03 February 2014


The cool change arrived around midday today, much to my relief.  I didn't get much work done on images but I did get some paperwork (non business related alas and woe but equally important) completed and either posted or ready to post.   The cooler conditions made my day much easier and allowed me to tackle the garage a little bit.  Up until today it's been way too hot to venture inside it. 

I'm about 6 boxes away from being able to put Dan inside.  The clean up made me study our bikes.  My bikes is almost shagged.  The brakes and gears are increasingly dodgy and the tyres are flat.  It made me sigh a little bit.  I love riding my bike and it's fun exercise for the days you don't have time to jump on a horse.  I love standing up and peddling, and that's good for the legs and backside.  My sister has a lovely new bike and every now and again I think a new bike would be pretty ace.  The kids both have nice, albeit 2nd hand, bikes although Heath is presently begging for a BMX.  We haven't discovered where all the good bike riding places/tracks are.  There's so much we still have to find out.

Here's a little bit of trivia.....  I've managed to get Heath into an AFL team down here.  I've got reservations about this, because he's never played before and he can struggle physically and he has next to no confidence and is very hard on himself when he finds things difficult.  He's also had very few opportunities to kick a ball of any description outside of his soccer games.  "I'm stupid and hopeless" is his description of himself under these circumstances.  It breaks my heart because of course he is neither of those things.  

His coach Darren sounds lovely......  Heath has previously only ever played soccer, but I'm assured that a number of new players had never played before and have enjoyed it.  The team is short on Under 13 boys so that's a nice coincidence and there will be training each Friday evening for the next 4-5 weeks so Heath can get his head around in in a no-pressure environment.  He doesn't cope well under pressure at the moment.  

No doubt during the winter months I will get my camera out during games, and this self-confessed complete AFL philistine will attempt to get her head around which way the ball is going and how it all works.  I expect that my ability to read the game will be zero to begin with and that I might suck at it to begin with??? 

The last AFL game I watched was the 2013 Grand Final at Murchison.  Before that????  Grand Final of 2012......  Coincidentally Marg Clarke is coming to visit tomorrow.  I can't wait to see her.  The wind is now quite cool and it's very strong. I realise it's gotten late again, and sigh and think I should go to bed.

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