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06 February 2014

Our New House and other bits of trivia.

Here's a few little bits of trivia...

  1. Our house actually comes under 2 different addresses, on 2 different streets, because it is on a corner block.  This is causing a little bit of confusion with the mail.  It also made the connections of our utilities more difficult because the gas meter is under 'one' address, the electricity meter on the other, and the phone is on one of them but I can't remember which one!  I find myself wondering who will visit, and when...
  2. It has blackberries growing in the small courtyard.  I'm not delighted about this, particularly as the fine print reckons they are my responsibility to keep in control and exterminated!  They weren't there when we inspected the house and there are words about this!
  3. The house gets hot.  That stinks a bit and once again we are the mercy of the Weather God, who can tend to be mean and spiteful at this time of year.  I'm hopeful of having some assistance in improving how the house copes.  
  4.  The carpet is disturbingly a similar colour (grey, sigh, I hate grey!) to my tiny house in Canberra.  This can bring back yukky memories.  This carpet however is softer underfoot and nicer to sit or kneel on.  There's also not as much of it which is good from a vacuuming point of view.
  5. I'm out of vacuum cleaner bags and still have to find somewhere to buy some, so I haven't vacuumed yet.  Are you shaking your head disapprovingly at this?
  6. The house has a large tiled area.  This is actually nice underfoot on the hotter days.  Potentially a problem in the colder weather?  The tiles get dirty very quickly because they are light coloured!  I only mopped the floor (and there's lots of it, and you know how much I love mopping!) 2 days ago and they are already dirty.  The dust is very apparent on the light coloured floor too, and I have to keep getting out the broom..
  7. The ants decide sweet things are fair game when the weather heats up or is on the turn.  The little toads...
  8. Maxie thinks that the garage is cool.  I think it's good too.  I think Dan will like it too once he gets to go in there.
  9. It gets hot sitting at my desk on the warmer days after about 1pm.  This is a problem when I am trying to catch up on my bookwork so that I can produce a revised Profit and Loss.  As you know bookwork bores me stupid so getting hot and sleepy doesn't do me any favours here.
  10. My dishwasher is ace!
  11. My cooktops are also ace!  They are gas.  I haven't burnt anything yet except the toast.  You are surely impressed by this...
  12. My brand new red toaster is fabulous!!!  It only burnt something when I got distracted.  Surprised???
  13. The pretty teapot is also pretty fantastic....
  14. We like having the beach so close.
  15. We like that it only takes about 6.5 minutes to drive to school.
  16. We love having Lolly Pop people around the schools to help cross the road.  We didn't have them in Canberra.
  17. I am still looking in trees hopefully for another koala at school.  I'm still excited by that!
  18. Heath has his first AFL training session tomorrow.  It will be warm and I'm slightly apprehensive about how much he will like it.  I really hope he takes to it.
  19. There are times when I have to pinch myself that we actually live in Victoria now.  The kids are feeling happy and settled and tell me all the time how much they love it here and love their school.
  20. Archie and I had a good ride this morning.  He was inclined to be grouchy to begin with and say to me crossly that he could NOT go forward.  By the end of our session he was actually taking a contact and striding out nicely into the bridle and flexing around my inside leg.  Good boy...
  21. I miss Freelance....  And certain other people as well...

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