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01 August 2013

Stallion Days.. Birthday Days

It's the 1st of August today.  The official Horses' Birthday.  So I'll give Freelance some extra sugar cubes when I stop by to feed her tonight.  

August means several things to me.  There are a few  birthdays this month, mine included, and I like the fact that Black Caviar's 'official' birthday is only 8 days before mine.   I think that's more than a little bit poetic.  This year I'm having one of those 5 birthdays, which in Canberra means that my drivers licence needs renewing, because here we have our licences renewed every 5 years.

Birthdays aside, August usually also marks my first trip to the racetrack for the spring, and my first trip North to the Hunter Valley.  And because my interstate travel commitments are looking busy and complex this spring, I am also already ooking further afield to September, because I need to take care of my Important stud farms, and accommodate their new stallion shoots during the coming months.  

I love the stallion and stud farm shoots.  They are hard work, and I am dog tired at the end of them, and carting heavy lenses around paddocks can make for tiring work.  But the end results always delight me, and tend to delight the farms as well, as they love getting fresh and beautiful material of their gorgeous stallions and newborns foals to use in their upcoming campaigns.

This August will see me up in the Hunter to do the annual Darley Aberdeen Stallion Parade again.  I'm looking forward to this, and to seeing everyone on the farm again.  It's been a long time in between drinks.  My planned trip back to the Hunter in September is, happily, looking busy and complex, although I'm not sure that I have enough days, because I need to fit in my Boys at Emirates Park and Vinery Stud around my regular shoot for the team at Arrowfield Stud.  So I have to get my head around this.  I just wish that I didn't have to spend 2 full days on the road to get there and back, it is so frustrating.  This won't always be the case, but for now, all I can think is of the photos I could be taking during the time I shall instead be in a car, driving the trusty Dan up the highway, to the serene pastures of Scone.  It's a beautiful part of the world, and is filled with wonderful memories.  

I'm hopeful that I'll see a very special friend too.  A girl can only dream, and hope, can't she???  Dreaming, and hoping, doesn't always work.  But it doesn't stop me from doing it....

Happy Birthday ponies....

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  1. OOoooooo I hope you see a 'special friend' too, Bron. Do give her a special kiss/hug/pat from me.