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10 August 2013

A Sunny day at last

It's getting late.  The kids are in bed.  After getting home from our outings, and from fueling Dan up and feeding Freelance and doing her paddock, Maxie and I caught the last rays of sunlight on my front step this afternoon.
While I was outside with Maxie I got my cards downloading the many images I'd taken at the Canberra Classic Show Jumping competition. I'd have liked to have spent all day there and to have been riding as well, but Heath had soccer.  I realise my jumping is a fair way off doing a full course though. I photographed Josie jumping Snips in the 1 metre class. He put in a faultless clear and shimmered in the soft sunshine. 

Tomorrow I have the Pony Club shoot, as well as a tax return to be ready to work on with the accountant on Monday.  Her name is Lesley, and she helped me to find Maxie.  Speak of the Devil, he makes his way gingerly across the chaos that is my desk at the moment, and curls up on my lap, purring.  It's nice, but makes typing and fiddling in CameraRaw slightly more difficult.  I don't actually think I shot the jumping as well as I did last weekend.  Was it tiredness?  Was I just feeling flat?  Or did I just bugger it up?  I'm squaring my shoulders and telling myself I will shoot better tomorrow.  It will be nice to get on Snips on Monday.



Ok...  I know..  They aren't as good as the ones I took of him last week.



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