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05 August 2013

Showjumping Days

I had my lesson on Snips this morning.  He's a sensitive and responsive horse. And he's revealing gaps in my riding!  It's just making me more determined to fill them in, and I guess being in a very determined frame of mind anyway is helping me here.  Grant was trying to get me to get Snips to do a change of canter lead while jumping over poles.  I was terrible at it..  We were sort of getting it in the end, and Grant is so encouraging and not at all critical when I mess it up.  It's nice being around someone who doesn't tell me that I'm terrible, even when I ride it terribly!  I'm going to ride Snips again on Friday, just to spend more time on his back and to get to know him better.  I unsaddled him and rugged him up after my lesson, and stood quietly with him while he ate the carrots and sugar I brought him, and kissed his eyelids.  He is very sweet.

These are some more jumping pictures from Sunday.  I'll be at Pony Club this weekend, and more showjumping, as I'm on an important photo mission this weekend.  It should be fun...

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