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02 August 2013

It's Friday, I'm in Love......

Today's been busy, and I've hardly been at home.  I'm not long home, and I'm tired but am still reluctant to go to bed.  So I started sorting through some papers (this is my attempt at being ruthless), and came across a letter from towards the beginning of December last year.  I can't say it is any easier to digest all these months later, but that's another story.

Although not my weekend, I've actually been busy with the kids for a reasonable part of the day.  I also had my neck physio exercises (and hence I'm sore at the end of the day), and then I spent an hour or so cleaning up Freelance's paddock.  It reminds me of stabling days, only it's far more frustrating picking up horse poo in a paddock than it is a stable, because the rake keeps getting caught in the grass.  I must buy a shovel thingy.  I used to love stabling Freelance, and love the routine, and love cleaning her box in the morning, while she ate her brekky.  I loved the way she would greet me as well, and bang the door while I mixed her feed.  I miss those days.  Like I miss many things.

Later on I caught up with a friend for lunch.  I like him a lot.  And there was lots to talk about.  Then it was a mad dash to get the kids things organised, and get Jessica to her horse riding lesson and then Heath on to the Canberra Theatre for the Wakikirri 2013 performance.  It was exciting seeing him do his little 'solo' chainsaw part, with Maxie's retractable lead that is being held hostage inside his cardboard chainsaw as the pull string.  He's pretty clever.

The cold front has arrived, and it was cold with a snowy rain when we left the theatre.  The kids were tired and so was I, when I dropped them off.  I didn't stay, but I paused to give my old dog Buzzi and hug and a cuddle, before coming home to a purring kitty who has just wanted to be in my arms after my in and out sort of day.

And finally, for those of you who sat up hopefully at the title of my post, thinking "oh hurrah for Bron!!!!"', while Jessica was riding I quietly slipped inside Snips' stall with sugar cubes in my pocket and said hello to him.  And later I took Jessica in to meet him after her lesson too.  He is sweet, and cuddles me now, and quite rightly, he loves the sugar. 

I found Grant, and had a good chat to him about Snips, after one of the girls was asking me about him.  I'm going to ride him more over the next little couple of months.  I'm minding my nephews on Saturday night and Sunday morning, but Snips will be jumping in a Forest Park competition about midday, so I'm going to try to slip down and photograph him going around.  I want to watch him from the ground.  And see what he looks like under saddle, and get some images of him.  I find myself thinking about this horse, a lot.  He's the kind of boy who is safe for me spend my time thinking about.  And yes, I am still finding myself stupidly fond of him. So stay tuned for photos of Snips.  I hope you will like him too....

Jessica's first lesson (aside from on Freelance) on a real horse, not a pony.  This is Woody.  And she unsaddled him all by herself.  All the kids were riding horses today, and they all did so well.  They are making great progress.  I get such joy out of watching Jessica ride.  It was terribly dark in the indoor arena, and therefore these aren't the best images, but I was glad I had the camera nonetheless.


Heath at Wakikirri getting ready.  He got cross at me for taking pics, the warty little toad!

My chainsaw boy - terrible photos!  We were literally in the VERY back row, they gave us truly truly crap tickets!
Heath is down the front, right hand side, kneeling down. 
Heath - right at the very back, in front of the guy in front of the Forest sign.

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