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29 August 2013

Cross with myself...

I'm on the plane to Melbourne tomorrow for 2 days.  And am currently pacing my house in frustration and annoyance at myself (and at the fact that no one phoned me when it was discovered 20 mins after I checked out) because I've just discovered that I have left my D4's battery charger in Scone.  There are some that might reassure me that the battery having 2 bars left on it is ok, and I shouldn't be recharging it anyway yet, but I hate going into a Group 1 meeting with my camera not fully charged..  So I'm furious with myself.  It was the tiredness of Sunday that saw me leave it there.  Does it serve me right for sneaking a little top up charge to the battery, when this is supposed to be a no-no?  Can't ask, so I don't know....

I've put in a call to one of my mates at the paper, and he gave me the number of another paper photographer, and so I'm hoping that someone will be able to bring one along, but I couldn't raise him when I phoned.  Will 2 bars get me through the day?  I'm not sure.

I am also feeling moody, because Snips has gone out to the farm for a 'few' weeks, which means I can't ride him.  And having gotten into my riding so thoroughly, and following the breakthroughs I feel Snips and I have made over the past week, this is disheartening.  I've got a lesson booked with Grant on Monday, and I'll ride another of his horses, and that will be good for me.  But I miss Snips already.  He feels like this little bright light in my life at the moment.  I worked him yesterday, and got him beautifully round and finally bending around my left leg, and he really felt like he was between my legs and my hands.  His rhythm still needs work, and he can either want to rush off, or ignore my leg, but when we click, he's glorious.  I can feel him begin to swing through the back, and when he relaxes and finds his rhythm, sigh, he feels lovely.  He reminds how much I've missed riding regularly, and how much I love training a horse.

Tomorrow I'm looking at houses.  And then I'll call in and see Lyn before driving back into Melbourne itself.  We're hoping that we have time to jump on her horses in her arena, so I can get a feel for her boys.  She's busy painting, so may not have time, and I don't know how much time I'll have after the house hunting, but we're hoping we can have a play with the horses.  

In the meantime, I'm watching my DVD of The Horse Whisperer while packing my bags.  The film stars Robert Redford and a young Scarlett Johansson, and Kristin Scott Thomas, and it's based upon the story of Buck Brannaman.  It's beautifully shot.  And it has a great score, and beautiful, beautiful use of light and colour.
 "I didn't love her because it was right.  I just loved her".

I met Buck when I went to the Melbourne premiere of his documentary film "Buck", which screened at the Carlton Nova, in January 2012.  It was during a summer heat wave, and it was a roasting hot night.  When I walked out of the cinema that evening, it was still well over 30 degrees, and way too hot to go to bed.  I rattled on about the man, and the movie and his relationship and work with the horses, as I do when I get excited about horses.  It's a little habit of mine.  

And while I watch, I'm wrestling with the new camera bag yet again, and I have a little bit of tidying up to do before going to bed.  I'm not on the early bird plane, but the plane leaves at 8.30am, so I still have to get up reasonably early to get myself there in time.

Exceed and Excel..  He will be the Famous Sire of the Famous Baby.  The lovely Stuart McKay allowed me to play with him on Sunday morning.  I adore Stuart, and the farm itself.  It was a nice weekend.


Ok...  So I couldn't resist asking to play with the Golden Boy, Medaglia d'Oro either.  And  although Stuart frowned slightly at me, when I tilted my head and bit my nail in anticipation of him saying yes, he smiled, and agreed with me that his new Famous Pony Notepad was pretty good, he said yes to me.  I like it when they say yes.  Do you love this horse?  I love him.

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  1. He's a very handsome boy! Looks very spirited too....