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14 August 2013

Just Not Sleepy

I'm sitting up late, yet again.  At least I'm being productive.  I'm working on getting the images I took over the weekend ready to send across.  There's some nice results there.  And I need to upload them to my website as well, so that the parents and kids can view them.  They were all so excited about having a photographer at Pony Club, and so excited about where it could lead, even though I cannot promise anything.  All I can do is submit the best images, then we all hope for the best.

I've done some housework I looked at a box of things I need to start going through tonight, but then gave it up as a bad idea and thought I would get some work out tonight instead and tackle my boxes tomorrow.  Not to mention the cobwebs and windows.  I'll need to clean my oven too.  Hurrah...   My favourite job in the world.

I can't wait to see Snips tomorrow.  And to slip inside his stall, and talk to him. Maxie stares, wide eyed at me, as he gets an attack of the rats, and wants to jump up on top of my wall unit where he runs along and knocks all my Breyer horses down.  I tell him 'no!' and he dashes defiantly up the hall, in that rushing run that is noisy as he tears away.  He's so naughty.

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