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03 August 2013

Spring Days at Darley

Ok.  So I should have worked on these images months and months ago.  But in putting my book together for the Darley boy, I have gone back through and thought 'oh whoops a daisy'.  It was a nice few days though, and they are nice images. 

My major stallion shoot in September of this year is suddenly looking like it could stretch to 5 days shooting in addition to the 2 day round trip to get there and back.  It's really great, but it's a lot to bite off on your own.  But then, I like to think there are worse things to be doing with your life than photographing horses in places like this.

Benfica (Lonhro - Hut).  Darley Kelvinside.  30 September 2012.

Poet's Voice (Dubawi - Bright Tiara).  The day before he wanted to jump on me.  Naughty pony.

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