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23 August 2013

Driving it town by town

I'm in Cessnock.  My 'setting out' post has only just been posted because I didn't press the final "publish" button. A friend said to tackle it town by town, which is how I've always coped with long drives.

I wouldn't say I am a natural long distance driver. I get tired. And I don't like driving at night so I time my trips carefully to avoid the dark. Part of Sunday's drive will be in the dark, which I will hate. My eyes don't cope well and I find it extra fatiguing. It's the price I have to pay for wanting to wake up on my birthday on Monday with my kids. And surely a girl deserves to see the horse she's falling in love with on her birthday too?? So I hope to work Snips on Monday as well.

Tomorrow morning I will meet my new "New Boy", the mighty champion Animal Kingdom. I'm a bit breathless about meeting him.

Cessnock has a lot more security bars on the shop windows than I remember. I wonder if they are having issues. There used to be a great saddlery shop here but it closed to make way for a pet shop.

Although I start beginning to feel the tiredness about this stage of the journey (I've been driving for 5.5 hours now with only a couple of short breaks) my heart always lifts when I cross into the Hunter Valley region. Do you remember it's beauty? It's a great part of the world.

I have nearly finished my cup of tea (I am coffee'd out after 2 on the road), so I need to get moving and hit the highway once again. There are times when it feels odd not being on Facebook anymore. No checking in. No nothing. But that's the way it is now though.

Its time to rouse Dan again, and ask him gently to continue on our way.

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