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31 January 2013

On being paid!

It has to be said that one of the most frustrating aspects of small business is that of actually getting paid.  Particularly when you've gone to the trouble of doing the shoot, which can involve long hours in the car, in all sorts of weather (including pouring rain!!!) and trying to cajole sometimes a temperamental and contrary thoroughbred to do as I ask!  And when polite emails are either ignored altogether, or promises made to pay the bill that never happen, it's just plain infuriating!!  I'm again sitting down, after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, to tackle the growing pile of bookwork.  So I'll divert momentarily, to gaze upon a photograph of my adored and precious Pony, and then take a deep breath, and start again!

ps - NO!  This image wasn't taken in 2012, it was taken 24 January 2013, and I just can't remember yet how to redo the watermark with 2013 in it!  I am working up to that one!

The Famous Pony Black Caviar at sunrise at our favourite spot together, the beach.

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