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26 January 2013

Going home

I'm at the end of a week in Melbourne.  I fly home tomorrow afternoon, and very sadly, it has been a watershed week.  There was no last minute change.  

Today I spent the day at Caulfield Racecourse, gratefully, among friends.  I didn't get lost on the way there, and after the disaster that was Thursday morning, I was glad about that.

My friend Mark Gatt took these of me on track today.  I have a new delivery to look forward to this coming week, which I will use when the Famous Pony resumes.  I finally ordered it late Monday, in a fit of "I will make my own decisions, and I will no longer be swayed by others", and I'm pleased to have done so.

My friend Mark Gatt took these.  They are ok.

Bron and Gary Wild.  He's a fabulous friend.  He's been great this week.  A special person and friend.
I began the week in Melbourne by immediately taking steps to move on.  Did it work?  Perhaps there was some success, but the events of the week prove that the heart is an obstinate and stubborn beast.  Even though my Dad, on hearing my news of the previous week, and who's advice I treasure and respect, said to me on Monday night that he hadn't been impressed and that the person wasn't smart enough or good enough for me, it's still hard to make your head overrule the heart.  I guess I have always had a failing here.  It is why I continue to get emotionally involved in horses. 

Distressingly, matters were compounded significantly during my week here in Melbourne when the father of a person who was incredibly precious to me died on Wednesday.  My precious friend didn't even bother to tell me his father had died.  A mutual friend of ours thankfully thought I ought to know that Bill had died, and phoned to tell me.  So I called to say how sorry I was even though I was frightened to do so.  I can't say that my call was welcomed and I wasn't encouraged to stay on the phone for long.

It upset me acutely that this person didn't  turn to me at such a time or even tell me himself. That hurt was magnified 1000 fold because he chose to turn to a person who's offered him nothing by way of emotional or any other kind of support over the past couple of years.  That's been my domain over the past almost 18 months.  The person my friend turned to is a person that I simply cannot respect, and she had shown minimal interest in Bill himself over the final couple of years of his life.  But I  knew that this would happen and that she would capitalise upon it, and marginalize me.

I have had some photographic coups this week relating to the Famous Pony Black Caviar, which is a special thing, and I am, as I should be, incredibly grateful.   And I will do well out of it, with my images being run in the major News Ltd newspapers across Australia.  The Herald Sun and The Australian ran 1 image each, the Daily Telegraph ran 4 images, the Adelaide Advertiser ran 1, and the Courier Mail in Brisbane ran 2, which was a great result.  There was another photographer who happened to be at the barriers, but the Herald Sun who put the images into the picture system said mine were far better, and so mine were chosen for all the print editions and online as well.  My friends and family were so proud.  One friend, who has posted me a copy of the Courier Mail, said she still gets goosebumps when she sees my name in print.  I guess I do too, and I never take it for granted.

Last week I also had what was, touch wood, a successful meeting about an incredibly important photo publication.  I cannot say anything publicly yet, but should it all go ahead as intended it will be prestigious, and I will be proud of it.  I wish someone had been interested enough to ask about it, but it didn't happen. 

In another development, I took a deep breath, and pushed aside my initial dislike by finally joining the world of Twitter.  I still don't understand it fully.  And am probably making mistakes.  But I am touched by the fact that in a few short days there is over 130 people following me, and they all think that my images are something special.  My Facebook Page is doing well also, and that's nice thing, and again, I am grateful for all those people who like and keep coming back to see the photographs.  I love the way my followers now all refer to Black Caviar as The Pony.  She will always be my Famous Pony to me.  She is precious to me.  

Black Caviar at the beach on Thursday.  I am lucky to have her and to be able to photograph her in settings such as this.  I know that I am privileged, and I am grateful.  She is precious to me.
Miracles of Life winning the Blue Diamond Preview (Fillies) today at Caulfield.  I think this is a special filly!  She's by one of "My Boys", Not a Single Doubt, who stands at Arrowfield Stud.  Ok, so she blinked, and I'm not clever enough in Photoshop to hide it.  But I included it because I love the extension she gives in the foreleg.  She just exploded away and it was very exciting.

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