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29 January 2013

Of last hurrahs, and final portraits

I often wonder if love is a bit like life.  It is a strong emotion, that can withstand many obstacles and all sorts of wrongs.  Yet there will come a time when something pushes your love for something, or someone, beyond the boundaries that can be maintained and causes it to break.  I think life is much the same.

This was a final portrait of Arrowfield Stud's beautiful young stallion Beneteau (Redoute's Choice - Slice of Paradise).  He was put down, due to a neurological problem, on 9 January 2013.  I photographed him for the last time in early December 2012.  I always liked the horse, and had photographed him since he went through the Inglis Easter Yearling Sale.  I felt his loss keenly as well.  These images would effectively be the last ones taken of him.  He had left lovely foals too.


  1. So much truth in that old saying "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a (wo)man/(human).'

  2. Such a beauty. Great shame he was taken so early. Hopefully his babies will do him proud.

  3. You really captured his power and magnificence! What a loss...