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11 January 2013

Blast from the past. A special friend.

There are some friendships, and relationships, which come and go.  Then there are the ones that are enduring, with the bond that first existed staying strong no matter how much distance is put between you, or what the difficulties may have been.

While I was at the Gold Coast, I stumbled upon an old friend.  We'd been firm friends on the track in our early days as photographers.  I used to stay at her place every single Cup week, and she was a lot of fun, and a great friend.  She left Melbourne in 1999, and while we've kept in touch from time to time, mainly through the odd Christmas card or phone call, or text message, this was the first time we'd seen each other since March 1999.  It was like nothing had every changed.  We've hung out this trip and it's been ace!  This is me, and my v v good friend and fellow photographer, Natasha Wood.

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