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28 November 2010

Will the horse be warm enough...

After a lull late in the afternoon, it's raining cats and dogs again.  And it's windy.  And cold!  I'm going to do my usual 'is my horse warm enough' worry session all night!!!!


  1. In NZ we used to put covers on horses in deepest winter- North Island. I am shocked to see horses here in Oz, in practically tropical temps, -24c-26c- wearing covers in midday sun. I often feel this must be too hot for a horse?
    I suppose they are like humans, and acclimatise?
    You obviously love your horses. And your lovely Mother.

  2. There's certainly a lot of over-rugging, that is for certain! My mare, with her good stout German heritage, gets hot and sweats easily, but she shivers (literally) if she gets wet. She felt fine today, with just the one waterproof rug on.