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23 November 2010

Baking Queen

My son Heath turns 9 tomorrow.  His school phoned up and said he wasn't feeling well, so I got him at 11 this morning.  Normally I'm pretty tough on this, but he had complained of a headache on route to school, and I thought he seemed a bit out of sorts. 

Let's just wind back the clock nine years.  I was a v. pregnant gal by the end of the spring carnival.  37 weeks actually, come Cox Plate weekend, and I was giving all my friends (who admittedly were mostly blokes) kittens that I'd have the baby on the track at the Valley. 

In this pregnancy, I insisted on keeping riding until I was 6 months along, which was about when it all a bit too hard and uncomfortable.  I like to say that I did keep cleaning her stable, and stabling her, up until 2 days before Heath was born.  Nice and strong!  Those abdominal muscles were pretty tough!  And photographing right up until the Cox Plate.  I thought Sunline would win her third successive Cox Plate.  I wasn't going to miss it!  I have to say that the photographs from Caulfield Guineas day were a little bit forgettable. I blame very bad light, but also a somewhat shaky state of mind having given myself and Heath a huge shock by accidentally touching the electric fence in Freelance's paddock.

Anyway, today Heath and I (yes, with Jessica helping - or hindering, as only a 5yo little sister can do, I should know, I was a little sister!) baked some cupcakes and a cake.  Bloody not bad.  I may not be able to do Domestic Goddess (I never said I was good at that stuff!!!), but I can do Baking Queen!  Hurrah!

And I thought I'd share some of the photographs that Heath and I took together.  Not bad for a pregnant gal, and the little guy!

Sunline.  2001 Apollo.  First race meeting I knew I was pregnant.  No morning sickness though yet...

Northerly. 2001 Australian Cup.  Yep.  Morning Sickness!!!!  Loving it!!!!
Ethereal.  2001 Cox Plate.  36 weeks pregnant.  Good shooting Heath!

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