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16 June 2013

Week's end

Another week, and weekend, is over.  The kids and I are back from ice skating.  We had intended to go to the morning session, but quite frankly, none of us felt like getting out of the house early, so we went this afternoon.  

Jessica was more unstable for some reason this weekend.  Heath I thought did better and is more stable, but his confidence and moodiness when doing something that challenges him remains his biggest hurdle.  By the end of the session though I was really feeling like I was getting it all back, because all of a sudden I could remember how to do the step across when going around the turns (wobbly to begin with of course, and not executed nearly perfectly yet) and I'm now at the stage where I can skate on one foot, and glide on the one foot, then the other foot, which is doing my 'feel' and balance wonders.  Which also explains why I can now start doing the step across thing.  

It's a very good thing, because the more stable and confident I get the better I can help and steady the kids.  And it makes me feel better too.  The child in me is also wondering whether the red ice skates helped me too!  Red boots!!!!!!!!!!!  Still, I always wanted a white pair, like my sister had.  Jessica and I skated around and around and around together holding hands, and laughing, and we loved it.  We were getting reasonably fast, and she felt great, only the occasional wobble, when all of a sudden she tipped over and had a fall.  She banged her knee and it hurt and she cried, but I got her up and calmed her, and I was so proud of her because she kept skating.

So it is now late Sunday afternoon.  The washing is done.  The house is tidy and vacuumed.  Freelance is eating her dinner.  Heath's bedroom is again clean and has all the Lego picked up and put away, and his room got a vacuum.  I've put my bins out and will think about dinner soon.  

I've told myself firmly that if I watch "The West Wing" tonight it must be on in the background while I sit and do bookwork.  I sat up quite late watching it again last night, yes, I am still not sleeping well, so it was almost 1am before I went to bed.  Last night was all about the relationship between President Bartlett and his Chief of Staff, Leo McGarry.  I loved this little bit about their friendship:
President Bartlett:  "You got a best friend?". Secretary of Agriculture:  "Yes, sir".  President Bartlett:  "Is he smarter than you?".  Secretary:  "Yes, sir".  President Bartlett:  "Would you trust him with your life?".  Secretary:  "Yes, sir".  President Bartlett:  "That's your Chief of Staff".
Best friends?  They are priceless.  If you are lucky enough to have one.....

Atlantic Jewel.  It would be wonderful for us if Kavanagh can get the unbeaten mare back to the track this Spring.
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