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28 June 2013

End of Financial Year

I always used to be frantically busy at the end of the Financial Year when I worked at CSIRO.  Back t then, I worked in the finance and commercial area, and there were always the end of financial year close offs to do, all the accounting tasks, which were in addition to the usual end of month processing requirements.  Then when I moved into the Deputy Chief Executive's Office, it was more of an approval and monitoring role, but it also meant the next years budgets were needing to be approved and there were always last minute contracts that HAD to be approved and signed before the 1st of July.

The horseless desert that was CSIRO is now a thing of the past.  I still have good memories, and believe completely in it's purpose and its philosphy, but my job and section vanished when I was at home with Heath.  When I returned to work my section and team had disbanded, and that those sections that I had once been part of were transferred to Melbourne and Sydney. 

But my end of financial year period is still very busy, and it's fair to say that it is full of many of the things which make my head hurt.  Tasks like bookwork, invoicing, tax returns, depreciation absolutely make it hurt, but the good news is that the overdue tax return is done, and I even have made an appointment for August to get my 2012-2013 return done.  That will be record time for me! 

So I seem to be dashing from appointment to appointment, answering frantic emails asking for images, raising invoices, trying to work out which items to purchase to get myself out of that technical hole, and pulling images together for an important book, as well as running the kids around to their various sporting commitments.  I'm about to take Jessica horse riding now, and after this we've just booked tickets to go to the movies tonight, to see Despicable Me 2.  It's one of the great benefits of motherhood that you get to go to the movies to see completely cool movies like this!

I seem to have been on the phone a lot this week, and alas and woe, with 3 appointments today, I didn't manage to work Freelance, even though I hopefully put my boots and jodphurs on.  I will try to hop on her over the weekend.   We're back ice skating this Sunday too, which will also be lots of fun.

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