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12 June 2013

Do I love Jumping in Muddy Puddles????

There's an ABC Kids show that we loved when the kids were little. In fact, I still love it, because it's a gorgeous, funny, clever and gentle little show (it's a BBC show to be truthful, but an ABC Girl like myself likes to call it an ABC show).  It's called Peppa Pig..  The best line in it is "Peppa and George love jumping in muddy puddles".  I've always thought the delight children get from jumping in puddles, especially muddy ones, is gorgeous.  I remember doing a series of the kids in a very muddy puddle on one of my very few trips to Cobar.  The light is beautiful at Cobar, and there's lots to photograph, but truth be told it's not for me.  

However right now I'm watching somewhat gloomily as the rain tumbles down outside, because with every drop I can see my already twice delayed show jumping lesson facing a 3rd wipe out.  Because jumping a horse in muddy puddles isn't quite as much fun, or quite as safe.  


Speaking of favourite lines, Heath is watching a Harry Potter movie after school.  From Mr Weasley comes this classic:

"Now Harry, you must know all about Muggles.  Now, tell me Harry, what is the exact function of a rubber duck?"


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