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13 June 2013

A Life Less Ordinary

Gerard Whateley coined a new phrase, ever so eloquently in his "Black Caviar" book.  He says that we have lived in Extraordinary Times.  I think he's right.  I don't want an Ordinary Life.  I want a Life Less Ordinary.  Extraordinary, if I can manage it, again....  I like to hope that I am not alone in wishing for this.

Because I'm in the process of pulling material together, and because I'm having trouble sleeping at night and am therefore staying up far later than I usually do, I put this clip together.  Yes..  I was supposed to be doing bookwork....  Guilty, as charged..


Today my sister sent me this text message from my nephew Seany, who's just been Class VIP.  He was asked who he wanted to bring as his "Interesting Guest to Address the Class".  He said he really wanted me to come and talk about photographing Black Caviar!  Just like Jessica did the a fortnight ago for her News.  She took Black Caviar things in, and talked about Nelly and our family.  Caroline's family is unhorsey.  Seany and I have a lovely bond, and a lovely little shared interest in Lego and Lord of the Rings.  When I stay at my sister's house, he comes in each morning, and sits with me on the bed I sleep in, fiddling with his Lego.  He's such an ace little boy.  I haven't ever been able to take him to meet Black Caviar, or to see her race.  And that's a real shame.

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  1. Thank you so much Bron. The time you spend away from you bookwork is so productive!