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18 June 2013

Left from right, and burning saucepan lids

Some you might recollect that I bought that funky new red kettle a couple of months ago.  Some of you might also remember that the said funky kettle died suddenly, and is now in the box, waiting for me to try to find the receipt (hah, easier said than done I hear you say), because although I try, I'm not the most regimented and organised of people.  

So I continue to boil my water for my cup of tea in the saucepan.  Which is still cowering away from me, begging me to find the receipt and go for chrissakes go and buy a new kettle!!!!!!!!

I happen to be very bad also with my left and right.  Some people find that very funny.  For example, when photographing or reading maps, I want to put my arm out and say 'it's that way', or I want you to move 'that way'.  And translating my left to your right, that's just plain hard.  I have the same trouble riding, and so yesterday when Grant was giving me my 'trot in, left circle, over the cross bar, right canter, canter circle right, then jump the 2 jumps, now canter left (but up the other end of the arena now right, so that's now all back the front and my mind doesn't want to receive that it's still going on the left rein), over the cross bar (from the back), canter right, canter large, over the cross bar - anyway, my point is he had me changing rein and jumping all of these jumps, and I still can't work out which way I did it!

So this morning, I do my usual careful study of the saucepan, look up at my controls, think yes, this is my RIGHT burner, and it's my BACK right burner.  I'm all set.   I come back to the kitchen to smell somthing odd, and discover that my saucepan is sitting on the LEFT burner, and my saucepan lid is on the RIGHT burner, with my saucepan and now lid shouting 'oh for @#$@'s sake, please buy a bloody kettle today!!!!!!'.

I think that they are right...

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