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02 June 2013

Turning Chaos into Order?

Well, that's the intention.  The rain has stopped now, and the sun's come out.  I liked lying listening to the rain last night, but admit to feeling better that it has stopped, because I'm at that phase were it's possible for things to feel much worse than they actually are.  So I'm snapping myself out of it by doing a big clean up and throw out.  We have to start getting far more ruthless, and I'm trying to be fairly arbitrary about this.  What's that they say, about getting rid of the things that aren't working, or aren't of any use, in your life?  I guess I'm up to that stage.  The kids are actually tidying their own rooms, and I've just gotten more matter of fact about it, and am expecting them to do more.  Apart from the odd melt down, they are largely rising to the occasion. 

These are a few scans from last night.  You have to remember that they are taken almost 20 years, in the pouring rain, and film wasn't brilliant at the high speeds.  I didn't have my Flagship Nikon camera then, the brilliant, wonderful and trustworthy F5.  I was using a lesser camera.  But I still think, for my first Melbourne Cup, and with only a couple of years experienced, that I held my own.  Particularly when I went back through the box of newspaper clippings, as I saw many out of focus images reproduced in the paper by seasoned and fabulous photographers.  There's more culling from those boxes to be done too.  Can't keep everything....

The kids and I are going iceskating again in a couple of hours, and the rain stopping means my riding lesson should be going ahead as planned in the morning, so that's a very good thing.

Jeune and Wayne Harris ran away with the Melbourne Cup in 1994.

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