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19 June 2013

Of Lightboxes, and Lighter Rooms

It always feels good to finally make some decisions.  Today I finally bit the bullet on those softboxes and lightstands for my indoor photoshoots.  I ended up making an executive decision but I admit that I did phone my friend Jay first, just because I needed to have that final bit of reassurance about which size to order.  I'd been hanging off for the last 2 days because I was unsure of which size softbox to get, but after talking to him I placed the order.  The only shame is that I have a coffee table to photograph for Evan tomorrow that needs delivering on Friday, and it's going to make me cross to have to do it without the lightstands.  Further justification for not buggering around any longer and clicking on that 'order now' button.

I also finally made a decision about a new camera bag too, given that my old one's handle is well and truly shagged, won't go up and down reliably and the bit you hang onto is about to fall off, not to mention the fact that the zippers are broken and won't do up anymore.  I've bought a ThinkTank bag for the first time, I've always been a Lowepro Girl before this.  But I was reliably informed that these ThinkTank bags are better, so that's the way I went in the end.

I also just went in and bought a copy of Adobe Lightroom.  No idea how to use it, but again, I'm assured by a couple of people that it's terrific and useful.  It's downloading as I type, so let's see, shall we.......

My house is quiet this evening, and I am working and watching The West Wing.  I nearly lost Maxie in the dark when the kids left, because he suddenly dashed outside, and almost underneath their car, but then darted away over to Dan instead, where I finally managed to catch him.


Ok.  It's fair to say that I don't quite understand Lightroom.  I'm not sure whether it's an alternative to Bridge and CameraRaw, or to be used in addition to it.  I do like the capacity it appears to have to do books, that might be handy.  But I don't understand the cataloging, or anything else yet.   I suppose I will gradually get the hang of it though....  I suppose I can hope that maybe one day someone might sit down with me, and actually show me what it does and how to do it. 

Helmet.  Darley Northwood Park.

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  1. Good girl, you've got the hang of buying stuff. Now about that red kettle ... lol!