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17 June 2013

Time of our Lives

I'm back from my jumping lesson.  Grant is getting me to do more, and I'm tired and I'm a bit sore through that wonky left hand side of mine.  I've lost strength on the left, and I really felt it today, because Snips gets a bit strong, and also hangs on the left rein quite a bit.  But Grant said we did ok.

I was doing a 5 course round (ok, yes, they are all only small, but they do still look decent sized to me!), all in the canter, changing rein, and it was a bit of a challenge.  I'm tired and sore like I said, and realise that I must ride more, and get my coordination and strength back properly.  But at least I am up on a horse, and I suppose not all people can jump on a horse, and be immediately cantering full circles, full arenas, changing rein and canter leads, and jumping, after such a long time out of the saddle.  And lots of people could never do it in a million years either, so I shall not be tough on myself, and I shall tell myself that I am doing well.

Importantly Grant is encouraging and still says I ride well, and that it's just a balance and strength and coordination thing that will come back with time spent in the saddle.  It's a very different style of riding to what I've been doing for so long too, and so I need to build up the strength and a different skill set as well.  One of my friends and I are talking about doing lessons together and joining a riding club together.  That will be absolutely fabulous. 

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