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03 June 2013

Riding High??? Not till Thursday..

I got up this morning, and put my joddies on.  All excited about my jumping lesson.  And then started bustling the kids into action and to get them ready for school.  Canberra, and Dan's rear window, are blanketed in frost this morning.  It was minus 3 last night.  Then the mobile phoned, and I thought "that'll be my courier asking if I'm home to collect the old-new computer".  But it was Grant Hughes.  The outdoor arena is still too wet for jumping and there's lessons in the indoor (actually, think I'm glad I'm in the outdoor, the indoor seems claustophobic when it comes to jumping).  So we thought about times to reschedule.  I thought it was going to have to wait until next week, and late next week, because of the public holiday and I'll have the kids (not my week, but their dad is away because it's a usual weekend for him at his favourite spot, so I said they could just stay with me), so that was proving difficult.  But I can have the riding lesson after I finish up at the Showroom on Thursday, because I can be there by 4.30pm, and finished in time to pick the kids up before 6pm.

The kids and I had fun ice skating.  Heath and I went around a number of times together.  He still doesn't really have his balance independently because he kept insisting on using those wretched cones, but he couldn't get any yesterday, and that was actually good for him.  He had a couple of falls (one where he dragged me down too, the warty toad - the rule is if you fall down you let go of my hand!!!!!!!!!!), one of which actually hurt him, but we kept skating, and then he had a little break, but then went back on of his own accord.  I actually had skates that fitted me this week, and that was better and felt all comfortable again.  But the afternoon sessions seem to be very busy, so I'm hoping a morning one will be better.

And finally, I was saddened (but not surprised) to hear yesterday of the retirement of one of my favourite racehorses recently, the champion More Joyous. 

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