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09 May 2014

Round Up

I'm sitting at school beside the netball courts because my daughter has started Netball. Tomorrow will be her very first game. I collected and paid for her uniform this morning.  There are times when I think I'm bleeding money. 

This morning I caught up on some washing and tackled the weeds in my back yard. It's not really a yard. It's a courtyard. Which makes the number of weeds that grow vaguely irritating. 

After carefully working out my pumpy-sprayer bottle and working out how to open the bottle of Roundup concentrate, which wasn't nearly as easy as it should have been, I did my best guess at his much to mix up. I don't think I made quite enough up. 

When I managed to venture outside equipped with my weed murdering solution, I scowled crossly when I discovered dog poo at the back of the house.  This was in addition to finding several dog poos we found a couple of days ago in the long grass in the front yard which we have almost finished mowing. There's a really long section still that we are yet to finish. It took both myself and Heath to push the mower through the long grass. The recent rain did us no favours here!

I stared moodily at the race fields in Adelaide and Brisbane tomorrow. It's not practical for me to get there. I've green away working at this time of years for 4 years in a row and as always I find not bring able to go frustrating. 

Instead we will take in out first Netball game before heading in to Melb and Flemington. I won't stay all day but there's a filly I need to photograph tomorrow at 1.45pm. 

I also need to try to arrange a second trip to Bendigo. I have some mares and foals and potentially another 2 stallions to do. 

To finish off I did cook a pretty ace dinner last night though. So that's a plus. 

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