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15 May 2014


I took my camera down to AFL training this evening, just for fun and to keep myself thinking and busy.  I'm doing a bit for the Club's website as well.  That's my little contribution to this great club and community.  They've been so kind and generous to Heath.  Incidentally, Heath came off the ground and wanted to keep kicking his football!  A couple of his team mates obliged then had to go.  So he came pleading with me.  I am rubbish!  But it was fun and he patiently showed me how to hold the football and how to kick it.  What impressed me was that he's clearly been listening to what they are teaching him.  I laughed whenever I buggered it up, which was frequent.  All of a sudden they turned the lights off and we were in darkness which was when I really noticed that the moon was rising through the trees.  I've done my best to show you what it looked like.

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