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02 May 2014

Fancy dip

Heath is becoming quite the cook.  This is the guacamole he made this evening.  It's really good.  He bossed me around to within an inch of my life making spaghetti sauce last night, insisting we had to make it exactly like he made with his Grandma.  Absolutely no putting the meat in until all the vegies had been gently fried.  He was right...  It did taste better...

I spent a little bit of time this evening reading The Age. I love Leunig's cartoons. I thought this one in today's paper was particularly good. We are like many others in our situation and we are ever so slightly anxiously awaiting what bad news Budget Night will bring us. I feel stunned by some of the Commision of Audit's recommendations. I doubt that I'm alone.

Jessica started netball this afternoon and all of a sudden for the next 4 months my weekends are looking busy with weekend sport.  This isn't going to do wonders for my earning capacity, which does tend to take a little bit of a hit at this time of year anyway.

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  1. Well done Heath. We had such a good time cooking together, i am delighted that he is so keen and remembers the techniques so well. Attaboy.
    And happy birthdsy to Jess. Parcel should arrive tomorrow.