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01 May 2014

Held Hostage

You might recall that on Golden Slipper Day, the 5th April, my compact flash card in my D4 refused to go in.  You may also recall that I of course frowned, scratched my head, then applied my usual 'If it don't want to fit you make it fit" logic.  Big mistake...  huge......  This of course resulted in a broken card reader and a card that needed to be thrown out because it had developed the problem that lead to it refusing to go in.

Because I was then immediately really low on cards I ordered replacement ones from Adorama.  They are usually ace.  Cheap and really efficient with the order frequently arriving from the United States within the week.  Roll forward a month and my order is still mysteriously 'on hold' with my card readers and new cards still being held hostage by their ordering system which refuses to release it from the dreaded 'on hold' status!!!!

I'm hoping to turn the disaster into a positive whether they are prepared to add some ThinkTank harness items to my order and hopefully they will feel bad enough about letting me down to be reasonable about postage charges.

In terms of which items I should eventually select I admit that I'm operating a bit blind here, because I haven't tried them on or had a good look.  I've never used any of these items and so I don't know what would be best.  But I desperately need to do something to take the weight off my forearms and elbows which are becoming so very sore.

I'm thinking some combinations of a few of these items.  Which ones of course I have absolutely no idea.  I did once have a ThinkTank brochure but I think I may have thrown it out in the huge cull that was last year.  It's tricky, very tricky.....

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