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06 May 2014

Holding it all together

Every now and again you have days that feel a bit tougher than others.  Or at least I do anyway.  This week feels like that.  Despite it being a v nice day in that it is Jessica's 9th birthday today.  I returned to Bunnings and bought the Roundup.  I learned over the past few days that you can actually buy RoundUp in a concentrated form rather than the stuff that's already made up and in the little spray bottle that I've bought at Woolworths before.  So the pumpy spray bottle can have Weed Murdering Spray made up and we can kill all the weeds dead.  I still think it would be more satisfying if the weeds died more dramatically and instantly.  

The spurs I went to buy were out of stock.  Typical.  I did manage to place the order I needed to pay for.  That's a good thing as it needs doing before the end of the financial year.  I have certain stud farms who are really great and prompt payers and so the money has gone in so that it can come straight back out again!

I'm still grappling with which ThinkTank belty-pouchy things to buy.  It's in my 'too hard my head is hurting' tray for another day probably.  I did manage to talk to the horse transport people yesterday afternoon though and that lifted my spirits greatly because it means Freelance's arrival is one step closer.  

Someone also talked about courage lately too.  It's a subject that makes me wonder.  Are some people really courageous and others not so?  Are some made of stronger conviction and are therefore able to make tough decisions?  Is it any different to the reasons why a champion horse becomes a champion horse?  I think it's clear that some horses are braver than others.  But can you learn braveness?  Can you get better at it?  I think you can and that you can better at it over time.  I have a book called "The Fearless Horse".  I like to think we teach ourselves to be less fearful and therefore become more 'brave'?  Just as this books says we teach our horses?  I like to think that we're all capable of it and that people and horses who may have given you cause to doubt can learn to do things different ways.  

I wonder too if the racetrack is a way of life..  I think once you've been exposed to it, and a love of the horses and the racetrack that walking away from that life is very difficult.  It seems to me to be a lifelong passion.  If you haven't been to the track for a while, do you miss it????   Does not going make you pace the room back and forwards??  And does it make you cross with yourself when, for whatever reason, you decided not to go???  I think that it does.  Can you turn your back on it forever, or even for a while?  I tend to think not.. Well, that's presuming that the love was real and not pretend. 

Finally, I saw this second photograph posted by a friend on Facebook.  I thought it was funny and excellent.  Who doesn't have days when you need something out of this little bag??  I like the inclusion of the string..  String.....  It's a very handy thing to have on hand when things feel desperate.

Sunline..  The bravest horse I've ever seen race.
The most improved horse I've ever seen.  The Love Horse......   Lankan Rupee.  Living proof of incredible improvement.  He went from a promising horse who always seemed to fail at the bar he was set to being a world beater.

He's been gelded and so he'll never be worth the $20m that they are saying Zoustar is now worth.  But what a brilliant racehorse it has turned him in to...

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